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Back-Office Services

Services that are not obvious at first sight.
These include communicating with all other stakeholders than your guests,
dealing with technical issues and coordinating everything that needs to be done.


Dealing with the channels

Partnering with platforms is not just automatic. Sometimes we need to intervene, either for technical problems, for problems with a reservation, or for better terms on certain issues. Technical training, experience and perseverance are essential in this communication.

Reporting to you

A continuously great partnership with our hosts is based on a good and fluent communication and reporting. With us you will have access to our online platform, where you can monitor in real time all the details regarding your accommodation. In addition, we provide you with regular reports on the operation of your accommodation.

Monitoring and updating registrations

The majority of bookings nowadays comes through the internet. But the internet is a stormy sea, and everything keeps changing. To keep your listings on the surface they need to be regularly updated. At host @ Kalamata Top Rooms we have experience and routine of overseeing and updating listings, which we do on a regular basis but also spontaneously if the situation requires.

Accommodation and guest ratings

The bond of ratings is important in the short-term rentals. Good reviews are essential to the prosperity of an accommodation. But even a not so good review if handled properly can be evaluated in a positive manner. At host @ Kalamata Top Rooms we make every assessment personally, we know what to look out for and are confident in handling even the most problematic situations.

Cleaning and bedding

We coordinate the cleaning and preparation of the accommodation as well as the washing of the bed linen. We cooperate for this with carefully selected third parties. Our experience in this area will be useful to you. As we are committed to providing impeccable cleanliness to our guests, we also take care of the inspection and make sure everything is and remains perfect.

Coordination for consumables

Each accommodation offers a range of consumables to its guests. Some are mandatory like soap and toilet paper, some are culture-specific for this accommodation. We advise you on the selection of consumables you offer to your guests, and coordinates and controls their purchase (at wholesale prices where possible).

Accommodation maintenance

It is our philosophy that the accommodation we manage must always be in perfect condition as to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests. We care for the inspections and minor repairs thus unloading the owner from this concern. We make recommendations on maintenance work that needs to be done and if you wish we also coordinate its implementation.
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