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Kalamata '21

.... first thing first ....

Happy group of people

It is possible to enjoy your stay in our area.
The rules that apply leave enough space for movement and where not, they are handled loosely by the authorities ….
especially if you are obviously a tourist 🙂

before you travel


Our first recommendation to you is to go and have a look at the following site, as soon as you consider coming to Greece:

when you are here

As per 14th May 2021 you don’t need to use a declaration for your movement anymore.
Also you can now travel freely within Greece.


no curfew at the moment

unfortunately there is no official website with up to date information to which we could put a link here

Picture of a medical mask

Officially you are required to wear a mask wherever you are in public with a few exceptions (like sitting at a restaurant).
Practically in and around Kalamata it is handled very loosely, so most don’t wear it outside. 

We recommend to wear it when you go inside in public places, and to always have one with you, just in case ….

Before you leave

We can’t possible cover here all you need to know about traveling off Greece because it depends on where you go and how you travel.


But most probably you will need to make a pcr test.
This is where you can do it.
Usually you don’t need to make an appointment and they give you the result within ca. 4 hours.
(but call them and check to be really sure for yourself)


Picture of a court

It is a shameful situation here in Greece that the official websites concerning restrictions related to covid are not up to date and provide no means to find relevant information.
Especially not if one can’t read Greek.

Nevertheless, on this site we try to fetch everything together that is relevant for you as a visitor of Kalamata and the surrounding area.

Ask us directly if you have any further question or need support.

We do though have to attach the disclaimer that we cannot take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of our information.