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Front - Desk services

From the first contact to the goodbyes the experience for your guests must be nothing less than perfect.
We make sure that all your guests get from their accommodation is up and beyond their expectation.
For this we can relay on our wide experience and our personal commitment to thrive
…..and may we add: also to our talent 🙂


Managing the reservations

A reservation or a cancellation means a lot of actions on the part of the host. The calendars on the platforms need to be synchronized and checked, the availability of cleaning and bed linen must be ensured, and everyone involved informed. All of this must be done immediately and almost 24 hours a day to ensure the fullest possible performance.

Communicating with your guests

Perhaps the most subtle job for a host is the communication with the guests. It is a continuous process that begins with the first questioning of the potential guests and continues after they have left…. until they resume with a new booking. In order to get the desired result response must be immediate and professional even if problems arise. Hosts need good language skills, experience…. and talent.

Managing prices and availability

To operate a property to the best of its abilities, prices and availability need to continuously be monitored and adjusted. Also, various discounts and offers need to be updated regularly. The factors that influence pricing and availability are many and require knowledge, experience and ongoing effort in order to optimize the outcome.

Personal contact

Although many services can be offered without personal contact with guests in many situations personal contact is preferable…. in some cases even necessary! A good personal touch can greatly enhance the guest's appreciation for the accommodation. Due to our background and experience we know what it takes to make our guests happy, our excellent reviews can confirm this.
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