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One - Time Services

Services that have a specific beginning and a specific end.
These services usually involve ‘setting up’ a short-term rental or upgrading it and
are usually charged on a one-time basis.
The output of these services is entirely property of the host.


Setting up the property

The way a short time rental is set up greatly influences what kind of guests it will attract. We help you set it up so it attracts those guests you would be happy to meet, guests who will respect your space and take care of it. Setting it up correctly will also make the guests wanting to come back again and promote it to their friends and on the net 😊

Listings description

The market in short-term leasing has become competitive, the potential guest has a huge choice from which to choose. In order for your listing to stand out and attract the guests you would like to attract, special attention has to be payed to the way it is presented.


Using the channels

Guests may come to your listing through many different channels. We know which will be the best choices for your listings. We constantly keep ourselves updated on everything that happens on this market and so we can assure optimal operations.

Guest guide

A good Guest Guide is nowadays an essential accessory for a remarkable accommodation and helps greatly on its good perception. You benefit from our experience in this field and from the material we already have available in various languages.
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