Kalamata Municipal Railway Park
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The Kalamata Municipal Railway Park is the only open-air museum of its kind in Greece and popular among all Railway friends worldwide.

The park is located at the south end of the Aristomenous street (the main shopping street of Kalamata) and reaches all the way down to the Kritis Street which separates this park from the Port Authorities Park, which – as one would expect – ends up at the port.

It is worthwhile strolling along this park, as it offers greens, banks to sit and relax, play yards, a little lake and a fountain, public exercise courts, a cafe (which used to be the ‘Limeni’ train station) and now and then an open exhibition. But of course, the main object of this park are the old trains that are exhibited here, which include old steam trains, the old passenger trains that served up into the ’80s and some old subway carriages, which used to connect Athens to Piraeus and are made of wood. I believe they were operational all the way into the 90s.

For the GeoCachers of this world, Kalamata Top Rooms has hidden here a GeoCache which will make you pay a bit more attention to some details in order to find it 🙂  (Train Nostalgy 2)


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