For us this is a real mention worthy restaurant, as it is gourmet and Greek at the same time.  The atmosphere is also very calm and warmly, they play nice background music at the right level, so you might listen to it if you like but you can also go on with your conversation without noticing it.

It is on one of the most historic corners of the city at the crossing of Ypapanti and Metropolitan Meletiou streets in Kalamata. In its contemporary form it still breaths something of its history.

It originally opened in 1958 as a grocery store and within two years had already been transformed into a wine-grocery-tavern. His owner was Grigoris Grigorios Chrysomallis: one of the most famous guitarists and singer of Kalamata at that time. Today his ancestor takes care of it, still with some connection to musical people as very often after a concert you’ll meet the musicians here.

By the way the name Chrysomallis means the one with the golden hair, you might try to see what happens if you call the master of the house ‘Goldhair’ 🙂

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AddressIpapantis 3, Kalamata
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