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I come very often to this place because I like the spirit of it because I know the guys that run it and think they are very nice fellows and because the dishes are poetry.

“Thiasos” is a café-ouzery that opened in September 2015 and seems to have come to stay. You are promised relaxed and pleasant situations with plenty of drink and incredible appetizers from their traditional cuisine. The cook is a real culinary ‘poet’ combining traditional Greek tastes to an ever-renewing diversity.

Emphasis is given to the seasonality of food, that is to say cooking them at a time when nature offers them, as well as locality, the products offered to be the products of the Messinian land. Some of it from its own gardens. If we add to this all the coolness of the old plane trees during the summer months and the warmth of the wood-stove during the winter season, the visitor of the area can be considered as a member of the … company!

It is very likely that you will meet a group of musicians here who will play some music (mainly ‘rebetiko’ and folk) and fill the place with sparking liveliness ….you’re bound to have a good time here.

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AddressIpapantis 3, Kalamata
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