9th to 12th August 2024 / 2nd Messinian Gastronomic – Music Festival


This festival is aiming to promote local products and local clubs related to Messinia.
It is the perfect opportunity to get to know what Messinia has to offer that the rest of the world might have not.
One will be able to taste the local specialities and get to know the people offering activities in the area.
But most of all, one will be able to hear live bands that …. not sooo local …. belong to the top ensembles in Greece (we don’t know how they manage, but this year again, top bands are on the stage for which one would usually need to go to Athens to hear).
Given the time of year, the food and the music that is going to frame these days, this here is a party you should not miss!

For more information check their facebook

Poster of the gastronomic and music festival 2024
Poster of the gastronomic and music festival 2024

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