2nd to 5th August 2024 / 4th Peloponnese Beer Festival

One more reason to visit Kalamata this year as from  August 2nd to 4th the port-park of Kalamata transforms into a lively hub for beer enthusiasts and culture seekers alike!

This year marks the fourth edition of the highly anticipated festival, which promises to be a true highlight of the summer season. From 6:00 PM to midnight (or later) each day, the festival will showcase the talents of craft brewers from across Greece, offering a diverse selection of over 350 unique beer labels.

This is not just a beer festival, but a celebration of entrepreneurship, live music, and local flavours, making for a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Expect to mingle with people from various backgrounds and cultures, all united by their appreciation for quality brews and delicious street food.

Take this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, savour exceptional beers, and enjoy a diverse lineup of live music!

For more information check on the webpage of the Peloponnese Beer Festival
or also on their facebook

Beer on table on the beach
Beer on table on the beach

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