Due to its wonderful sea and beaches Kalamata is mainly considered to be a summer destination. But is that really all there is? Of course not. There are a lot of reasons why Kalamata is a wonderful destination for a winter’s weekend off.

We are going to show you why:

1. From Athens it’s only an about 2 hour’s smooth drive on the highway. This is the best ratio of driving distance to perfect weekend destination one can get.

2. If you like to pack a lot of activities into a single weekend, Kalamata has a lot to offer. And if you like you can book in advance and organise your days off in the best way.

3. In Kalamata you are in a big culture city but you don’t need to worry about traffic. You won’t spend hours searching for a parking lot either. Even better you might not even need a car as all important things are within a walks reach.

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4. Another recommended alternative is to use bicycles. You will be amazed about how much you will be able to discover in a single weekend. Kalamata is a flat city, and has a remarkable net of cycle tracks, you will cherish cycling again.

5. The diversity for night live that Kalamata offers matches the one of much bigger cities.  Is it an aperitif in one of its famous cocktail bars, a night at the Theatre or Music Hall, dinner like a King or like a beggar, staying out late in one of the rock bars? … it’s all there.

Kalamata Top Rooms - Apartment rent - Visit Kalamata Winter Weekend

6. Kalamata is also a city that never sleeps. The historical centre is full of live for as long as you can take it …

7. Kalamata is the origin of many local specialities. Olives being the most famous, but there is much more to it. Stroll around and be impressed and shop welcomed gift originalities for the ones that didn’t follow you here…

8. On Saturday mornings the local market gets full of producers offering their own staff from their own gardens and plants. It’s so colourful, so original and so full of live you’re bound to love it.

9. Well the sea is still here also in the winter. And most of the year – even when you call it ‘winter’ – the water is warm enough for a swim. The week to come will feel quite different if you have swam in the sea on the weekend 🙂

Kalamata Top Rooms - Apartment rent - Visit Kalamata Winter Weekend

10. You will never get bored in Kalamata. You’ll always find something new to do or to attend to in Kalamata. You might start longing to spend more weekends here…

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