Kalamata undoubtedly is a city worth visiting all seasons. It combines the virgin beauties of an island with the modern amenities of an urban center. It is a destination for all ages, all tastes and all moods!

But lets be a bit more specific and mention some good reasons why Kalamata deserves your attention in the winter…

1. Admire the wild beauty of Kalamatas seafront beach

The beach of Kalamata is probably the longest urban beach in the country. The atmosphere over the coastal zone of the city changes as the summer subsides and the winter takes over.
Gone are the colorful umbrellas, coffee tables the laughter of the swimmers and a new untouched sand beach presents itself, thoroughly cleaned and flattened by the wild waves. In calm days you can find yourself in a Fellini movie here and in weather troubled days the scene changes to a wild play of nature. Depending on where you stand and if your feet are dry or not, you might end up watching the spectacle for hours.

2. Visit the city museums

On a winter day it might turn out you, or one of your company, want to spend an indoors day. Kalamata offers 4 museums (Archaeological / Historical & Folk / Traditional Greek Costumes / Military), a popular gallery and a large library. All of them are very nicely done and within a 5 minutes walk from each other. If you are lucky you might even get a free guided tour, as often the people working there will be in the mood to provide one. In the between one can get a coffee or have lunch in one of the many nice little places around the museums.

3. Enjoy a cozy evening at the historic center

Kalamata in winter offers a variety of nightlife options that now that the seafront is left to its wildness, dent to concentrate within its historic center. While on a warm winter day you may still sit outside, normally at the evenings things get cozy as people search the inside and you might find yourself sharing a table – and whatever is on it – with the locals.

4. Enjoy a different nightlife

Winter is the time of year where you might prefer a bar rather than a moonlight swim in the evening. Kalamata offers a variety of bars which will astonish you with its diversity. There is something for every mood. You can search and find a bar playing your favorite music, or the music you didn’t yet know it’s your favorite. Some with variation of themes for each day of the week, some with live music. And if you happen to like beer, whisky and brandies you’ll find bars where you can really get educated on these matters… one winter can’t be enough.

5. Take a walk in the greens and discover the origins of hospitality

As the sun ceases to heat up the stones, nature gets greener, and the hikes uphill or through unshadowed fields get fresher and lighter. There is really a lot you can hike around Kalamata and if you do, you are bound to pop up in places that feel undiscovered and meet people that will greet you in the original Greek way, as if they have never seen a tourist before.

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